Saturday, 13 October 2007

Onwards with Kasahara's Origami Omnibus!

After the baptism-of-fire of Ted Norminton's more advanced folding, I decided my next major project would be to work through another book by Kunihiko Kasahara. This time, it's his "Origami Omnibus", which has been recommended on many of the Origami websites I've scanned. The photos I've uploaded here are mostly from the first main section, which concerns masks of various kinds. One or two of the photos are a bit blurry, because I folded all the masks from 15cm paper, which meant some of the masks turned out very small. The masks are, in order: Celestial General, Gorilla, Kamui, Lion (Male) Mane, Monster from the Arabian Nights, and Tengu. Next come a couple of modular figures (my first foray into this area, which looks fascinating, and will appeal to my mathematical tendencies): Jumbo Unit Spinning Top (2 views) and Multiunit Decorative Sphere. Finally, there's a photo of the very first model in Tomoko Fuse's classic "Unit Origami" book. When I eventually finish with "Origami Omnibus", Fuse's book will be my next project, but I couldn't resist trying just one model from her book, so the last photo in this set is her Cube - Small Square-Pattern Belt Unit. Hope you enjoy some of them.


Mike said...

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Jack Cruz said...

your post is long time ago. But Still your Paper Origami
is one of a kind. Very cool